Hassle Free Claims Process!

Print out our Hassle Free Claims Form


  1. Filing a Claim:
  2. Online filing is preferred if your insurance company allows it. If not, call your insurance company’s toll free number to file. Claims can be made 24/7! You don’t need to wait for standard business hours. Our field reps can also assist you in this process if needed.

  3. Reporting Your Case Info:
  4. Once you have reported the claim the Insurance Company will call you back (normally within 72 hours) obtain the following information:

    • Claim#
    • Date and Time of Adjuster Inspection
    • Name and Phone# of Adjuster

    *** Call your FIJI Field Representative with all of this information immediately***

  5. Learning Your Results:
  6. After the inspection your FIJI Field Representative will contact you letting you know what your insurance company has agreed to cover.

  7. Choosing Materials and Colors:
  8. Your FIJI Field Representative will call you to set up a time to go over our products, materials, and a variety of colors they come in. Your Rep should be able to give you a prospective date for your renovation and discuss scheduling.

  9. Final Inspection:
  10. Upon build completion an inspector from the FIJI Production Department will come out and do a thorough examination of the build and your property. They will pick up any materials that may have been left. Any questions or concerns about your project or property should be directed to your FIJI Field Representative, NOT the production inspectors – Thanks!

  11. Insurance Checks and Payment – Very Important!!!
  12. Typically your insurance company will issue two checks for each claim. One issued before the build and one after their inspection of the build. The first check should be issued or mailed upon approval of the claim along with your *INSURANCE ESTIMATE PAPERWORK*. In some instances your mortgage company will be listed as a payee on the checks. Please call your branch to find out where you can endorse your check locally.

That’s the process! We strive to make your repairs as quick and painless as possible while maintaining the standard of excellence in our craftsmanship. If you have questions along the way, feel free to contact your Rep at any time.